Nightwing #113

Цена: 450
Язык: английский
Тип обложки: Синглы
Издательство: DC
Состояние: как новый / новый
Иллюстрации: цветные
Количество страниц: 32

Written by Devin Grayson. Art by Cliff Chiang & Ande Parks. Cover by Phil Hester & Parks. A VILLAINS UNITED tie in! Dick Grayson is working for...Deathstroke the Terminator? Nightwing is no more ? Dick Grayson's in a new outfit, and he's got a brand-new bag of dirty tricks. And those who thought he was simply "going undercover" are in for a rude awakening...

Категории: Синглы Английский язык


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