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Thunderbolts #147

Цена: 390.00 р.
Состояние: Near Mint (NM)
Иллюстрации: полноцветные
Количество страниц: 32

Scared black porn Straight: Avengers Academy/Thunderbolts Crossover: Part 3 of 3 - Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by KEV WALKER Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC Guest-starring the Avengers Academy! A scared-straight visit from the next generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes goes horribly wrong and Luke Cage isn't sure which of his Thunderbolts he can count on to regain control of The Raft! Also, can Cage keep objective when he realizes one of the prisoners is the man who once controlled his wife: the sinister Purple Man? Find out in the latest chapter of the book that ToyFare magazine says 'can't not be awesome'! 32 PGS.

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Вы здесь: Главная Thunderbolts #147