Amazing Scarlet Spider (1995) #1

Цена: 360 Р
Язык: английский
Тип обложки: сингл
Издательство: Marvel
Состояние: как новый / новый
Иллюстрации: цветные
Количество страниц: 32

"Violated by the Virtual" Virtual Mortality Part 2 of 4. Direct Edition. Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Mike Lackey. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Larry Mahlstedt. Cover by Mark Bagley and Larry Mahlstedt. Story continues from Web of Scarlet Spider (1995) #1. The Scarlet Spider takes over the Spider-titles! In lower Manhattan a three-way battle is underway among the Scarlet Spider, Doctor Octopus (aka Carolyn Trainer), and a criminal gang! And the prize for the winner is the new high-tech virtual reality visor! Using the proportionate strength and speed of a spider, Ben Reilly grabs the visor and takes it to Seward Trainer! However when Seward puts it on, he's transported into a deadly virtual reality world! Can the Scarlet Spider bring Seward back to the physical world? Or will Ben have to join him in virtual battle? Story continues in the first issue of Scarlet Spider (1995). Cameo appearances by Alistair Smythe, Master Programmer, and the Looter.

Категории: Синглы Английский язык Английский язык (СКИДКА 20%)


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